What You Should Know About E Waste

What is E Waste?

E waste is a term used to describe electronic waste. Once electronic or electrical equipment approaches the end if it's useful life and is replaced, what do you do with the old equipment? While some e waste is able to be recycled, others become trash or e scrap. If taken to an e waste recycling center your e waste can be properly disposed of rather than contributing to the e waste problem. 

Why is E Waste a problem?

The problem with e waste is it contains toxic chemicals, which if dumped in landfills, leaches into the soil. In 2018 there was over 50 million tons of e waste generated with about 12.5 % being recycled. To put this in perspective, computer monitors and older TV picture tubes contain an average of four pounds of lead. In addition, electronics can contain mercury, chromium, brominated flame retardents and other toxic substances. 

Where do I take my E Waste for disposal?

Happy Dumpster is equipped  as an e waste drop-off center.  We are conveniently located to serve Trumbull, Mahoning and surrounding counties in Ohio.  Our address is; 860 Youngstown-Kingsville Rd. SE Vienna, OH 44473. Call us at 330-539-4000 to set up your drop off appointment. 

E Waste we accept and disposal rates

Our e waste drop-off center accepts; computers, TVs, fax machines, printers, copiers, stereos, radios, VCR, and cell phones. E Waste drop offs are by appointment only. Dumping e waste at our facility outside of business hours will result in fines. Our rate for recycling e waste items on this list is $1 per LB. 

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The cities we service include; Youngstown, Campbell, Struthers, Boardman, Poland, Coitsville, Austintown, Lake Milton, North Jackson, Canfield, Warren, Niles, Girard, Liberty, Hubbard, Weathersfield, Newton Falls, Braceville, Southington, Champion, Bristolville, Cortland, Fowler, Vienna, Howland, Brookfield, Kinsman, West Famington, Hartford, Yankee Lake, and Orangeville

Happy Dumpster

860 Youngstown Kingsville Road Southeast, Vienna, Ohio 44473, United States

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E Waste drop-off  by appointment only. Please contact us to schedule a convenient time.

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