Important Information When Renting From Happy Dumpster

Pick Up and Delivery

Delivery Charges:

Our goal is to make renting a dumpster as easy as possible by providing an all-inclusive price. For most of our customers a delivery charge does not apply. However, we do have a $30-$50 delivery charge to certain areas due to distance from our home location or to the disposal sites. For additional information please contact one of our customer service experts. We promise to provide your all-inclusive rate prior to rental.

Additional Days:

With seven day rentals additional days can be added at the rate of $35.00 per day, To extend a rental please notify our office 48 hours in advance of your scheduled pick-up. We are unable to extend rentals on the scheduled day for pick up as your dumpster will already be scheduled for it’s next delivery. Leaving a message about extending a rental is not considered notice, please be sure to speak with us. Additional days must be paid for in advance with a credit card, no exceptions. Please note, six yard dumpsters can not be extended.

Cancellation Fee:

Any cancellation of a rental dumpster whether booked online or over the phone will result in a $25 cancellation fee. The said fee is deducted from the customer’s refund if the rental is paid in advance. Any dumpster rental canceled on the scheduled delivery day, without being rescheduled will incur a $50 Failed Delivery Fee.

Failed Delivery/Pick up:

There is a $50.00 charge for a failed delivery or pick up. If you are unable to be on-site when your dumpster is scheduled for delivery, please pay by credit card when you order the dumpster. A failed pick up would refer to any situation in which we are on-site to pick up the dumpster and are unable to retrieve it. Situations would include; blocked access to the dumpster, or a job that isn’t complete. All failed pick ups must be paid with a credit card on the day of the failed pick-up.


Items Not Accepted:

There are items that are not accepted by the disposal facilities, pose an environmental hazard, and may be subject to fine.Please note; Any fines incurred by Happy Dumpster for Items Not Accepted will be passed on to the renter plus additional fees outlined. Therefore, these items are not accepted in our dumpsters. Absolutely No Tires! Tires found in our dumpsters are subject to an additional $20.00 fee per tire. Other items not accepted include, but are not limited to: Radioactive Materials, Computers, Computer Monitors, Televisions (NOTE – TVs and monitors result in a minimum charge of $50 per unit based on weight), Sewage Sludge, Waste Oil, Vehicle Batteries, Hazardous Waste, Human or Animal Remains, Explosives, Ashes, Dirt. We can not accept burnt items, fire pit debris, or a load of dirt. WARNING: Placing random household cleaners in the dumpster may cause a chemical reaction with other household items. Therefore we do not permit disposal of any chemicals or cleaners in our Happy Dumpsters. We reserve the right to reject any load.

Mixed Loads:

Loads are considered mixed when contents of the load has to be disposed of at different facilities. For example, trash and construction debris need to be dumped at separate locations. Therefore, these loads cannot be mixed. Attempting to dump debris at an incorrect facility can result in fines which will be passed on to the renter. For example; If you are renting a dumpster for a roof repair, bathroom remodel, or other construction project, household trash can not be mixed in that dumpster. In cases such as a clean out and construction project, it is best to rent two dumpsters of the appropriate size. Please note; attempting to conceal a mixed load will result in additional charges for added labor, plus any fines incurred. We reserve the right to reject any mixed loads.

Damage to the Dumpsters:

Keeping dumpsters looking good is a continual battle. At Happy Dumpster we believe looking happy is part of the job. Therefore, we work very hard to keep our dumpsters looking good for our happy customers. To prevent damage we do have a few rules, so please: Absolutely no burning trash in the dumpsters (sorry we have to say it, but it has happened). Burning trash in the dumpsters not only causes damage, but is illegal. Please note, there is a Minimum fee of $1,500.00 for any dumpster that has been intentionally set on fire. Please do not machine load the dumpsters. Please do not peel the decals, from the dumpsters. Please do not spray paint the dumpsters, or add any forms of graffiti. There is a $1,500.00 charge for any intentional damage to our dumpsters.

Additional Terms & Conditions


Payment is required prior to, or upon delivery. We accept check or cash to the driver when delivered, or by credit card when you reserve your dumpster. Credit cards are processed the morning of delivery. We except all major credit cards. (including American Express) 
There is a $30.00 fee for returned checks. Dumpsters will not be picked up until the total amount due is paid in full. For example, if your check was returned, you would need to pay the dumpster rental, the $30 returned check fee, and $35 per additional day until the dumpster is retrieved. We will not bill for additional fees, these must be paid prior to pick up.

If you require a receipt for your rental please let us know when ordering the dumpster. We will be more than Happy to either email you a receipt or the driver will provide a printed copy upon delivery.

Maximum Fill Line:

All Containers have a clearly labeled maximum fill line sticker. Please do not fill the dumpster above this line. Filling above the line will cause a hazardous condition when the dumpster is loaded on the truck. Please do not lean items against the dumpster, drivers are not responsible for putting items in the dumpster. If you have any questions regarding how to load your container, please contact a customer service expert.


Although we do not charge an additional fee for tonnage, there is a weight limit on what we can haul. For this reason, we will accept brick or concrete, but only in a 10 or 12 yard containerOur trucks are not rated to haul the weight of a 15 or 20 yard dumpster of brick or concrete. Please be sure to specify what you are putting in the dumpster and we will assist you in any way we can. We reserve the right to charge extra if a dumpster is intentionally overloaded with heavy material. Please be sure to see the items not accepted and mixed loads sections above for more details.

Property Damage:

At Happy Dumpster we prefer to place the dumpster in a driveway on a flat surface. Placing a dumpster in the yard could result in damage to your lawn. Whether we place a container in the yard at the customer’s request is at the discretion of the driver. PLEASE NOTE: we are not liable for any damages to your property. If we are dropping a dumpster in a yard, the drivers will do their best to explain placement, and the issues that may arise. We do take into consideration not only your property, but our trucks as well. For example, the wheels of the dumpster may drag on your driveway and cause slight damage. For this reason, our drivers carry wood with them which can be placed under the container to prevent direct contact with the driveway. If you have any concerns regarding placement of the dumpster please be sure to talk to the driver at the time of delivery.

Pest Control:

If you are renting a dumpster for use in resolving a pest problem, such as bed bugs, termites, or cockroaches, please inform us when you order the dumpster. The contents of these dumpsters must go to the appropriate disposal location immediately after pick up and be properly cleaned for the next rental.

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